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Hi-tech speed breakers in the city

The city police have rolled out a new system of speed-breakers which are fixed with LED lighting on the beach road. The metal speed breaker is fitted with LED lighting and can be spotted from a distance.

The hi-tech speed breakers are established on a pilot basis and depending on its success the new breakers will be replicated across the city. 

In wake of increasing accidents in beach roads due to insufficient lightening, the new lightening breakers are set up. These unique speed breakers come in aid of pedestrians. 

The new system will be observed for the next few weeks and be depending on its success the department will ask GVMC to replicate it across the city. 

On each side of the speed breakers, there is a push button when pushed, an orange light will turn red, suggesting a caution that someone is walking across the zebra crossing. The speed breaker is connected to a regular power source and also has an option for using solar energy. 

This is the first of its kind and every driver can easily see the signal embedded in the road in front of him.

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